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A Message from our Founder, Steven Christopher

360° LOVE ™ is a company built on the foundation of love. As the founder, my service is an appreciation of God's love. It's the celebration of the simplest things in life. This actually leads us directly to peace and joy. We all want to be successful. The truth is that true success derives from a daily commitment to serving. It's also the byproduct of doing good work. The "labor of love" or "the work" begins with a daily cycle of praise, gratitude, healthy thoughts, emotions, and activities.

I, as many of us have, accumulated years of inadequate self care. This course of action resulted in multiple health issues that could've had staying power if I had just given up. In September of 2015, I decided to try something new. I'd been receiving advice (for years) from some ital Rasta friends about switching to the plant based lifestyle. It sounded good.. but I "wasn't ready". So that year began my journey towards healing. I converted to a fully plant based diet. This greatly helped me to maintain a healthy spiritual, emotional, and physical balance.

Now of course, life's challenges are still just built in to the mainframe - but they're also what gives us new opportunities to grow.

We have to embrace personal growth challenges with an unmatched determination.

In year 1, I easily shed 20 (of the needed 40) lbs of extra body fat. I gained tons of new perspective on the truths about veganism and plant based living. I also became very familiar with food preparation, nutrition facts, and a lot more . In 2017, one of my best friends became a huge influence in the cannabis space. This same year, I incurred a basketball injury that was aggressively healed by the use of a tincture, which Josh sent me. That tincture was actually the same formulation as our current Freedom CBD tinctures. And clearly, I've been a believer ever since.

I would eventually forge a partnership with my brother, which brought me directly into the world of manufacturing. I quickly learned about the science and business of manufacturing CBD and other cannabis products.

To date, I've also witnessed more CBD success stories than I can easily count. I knew that I had to do my part in expanding the reach of this beautiful plant's abilities.

These decisions culminated in the launch of the 360° LOVE™ brand, a revolution in wellness culture. We function as not only a sustainable wellness marketplace, but as a manufacturer for new cannabis brands. I'm now a certified nutrition & wellness practitioner, offering affordable nutrition & wellness consultations to our community. We're constantly adding products & services, as well as creating new sustainable programs for our client base. This all serves our ability to give back to our community of 360° LOVERS™.






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    360° LOVE™ ~ We believe that love makes the world go around.

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