"Veganize Your Faves" Cooking Class

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In this personalized virtual session, you’ll learn how to “veganize” anywhere from 1 to 3 of your favorite meals!

We'll also educate you on the actual nutritional values of what we'll be preparing/cooking in our live session. This information allows you to better understand effective portion control, resulting in generally better quality of life.

We all know the challenges, but I promise you that there’s a great (and delicious) way to do it.

Before the class, we’ll cover your favorite foods, and also specific allergens, to be as proficient as possible in staying within healthy boundaries for you.

Then, we'll choose the dish(es) that you want to recreate with vegan deliciousness.

Click here to book through our Square Bookings site!

When you book this class, you’ll receive email confirmation containing the Zoom meeting specifics within the hour.

The email will also contain a questionnaire and onboarding packet that you should print, fill out, scan & return if you’re able to. If printing isn’t an option, I ask that you fill in the answers on the editable documents that will arrive attached in the email. Please complete & return these documents via email by replying directly to the email that you received.

The questionnaire will cover the food/allergy questions and a few other important questions & topics.

Please note: This class is currently offered virtually only.


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