Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Consultation

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We welcome you to your new holistic nutritional & wellness consultation!

In our introductory consultation session, we begin with a general wellness lifestyle Q&A to unpack your wants and needs as a client. We begin by assessing your daily & weekly wellness habits.

Next, we provide a general roadmap illustrating how your current challenges (as powerful as they seem) can be overpowered by simple, effective solutions!

After just your very 1st session, you'll be definitively more informed about the way your body works, and just how to take care of it.

Because our focus is holistic nutrition & wellness, our approach focuses on not only a successful plant-based dietary lifestyle, but we also provide education and guidance for fitness, mindfulness, and healthy sleep habits.

To best maximize on your investment, choose one of our monthly packages to save on overall session pricing.

* The 1 month booking option gives you 1 of your 8 sessions at 50% off.

* The 3 month booking option gives you a 6% discount on the total billing.

* The 6 month booking option gives you a 10% discount on the total billing.

Our job is simply to guide you on a clear path to success in the areas of personal wellness.

Whether one on one, in group settings, or corporate bookings, we simply explain the keys to success by using fun, relatable activities & curriculum.

Click here to book now through our Square Bookings checkout page, where you can select exact appointment timing.

At this time, our virtual sessions are conducted via the Zoom platform.

When you book this session, you’ll receive email confirmation containing the Zoom meeting specifics, within the hour.

The email will also contain a questionnaire and on-boarding packet. We’ll discuss the packet contents in our session, so you’ll need to access it during our call. Feel free to print the packet and write your answers directly on the paper. If you can’t scan and return, simply reply to the welcome email with mobile device pictures of the completed pages.

Upon receipt, please complete and return the packet ASAP, as it does expedite our session preparation process.

In session, we aim to maximize highly productive discussion time, addressing goals, concerns, and system implementations.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email counselor@360lovers.com using “Consult Questions” in the subject field.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Steven Christopher - Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant


If you opt to stay here (instead of booking through Square Bookings) and process your order directly on this site, please provide your phone and email address in your customer profile, so that we can reach you to schedule your appointment! We will contact you within 24 hours of your order confirmation!

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