Be patient in your purpose. Mental health awareness blog post

Be Patient In Your Purpose

May 14, 2020


Be patient in your purpose.. the best is yet to come..

There are a lot of times when the mind gets so restless, we begin to question the things that we have no control over.

Our plans are so important to us that we simply want them to happen on our desired timeline, forgetting that there’s more to the bigger picture.

We know that there’s a higher power, but often still attempt to shoulder the weight of life on our own.

Without fully trusting in God, life can and will continue to be a series of frustrations that never seems to let up.

To that, I offer you this:

Proverbs 16:1 - We can make plans, but the Lord gives the right answer.

If we only knew how many times that we’ve been divinely protected under the guise of a “delay”, we would drop to our knees in thanks. 🙌🏾

Be patient in your purpose.. the best is yet to come..✨

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